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Welcome ya’ll to Beer Babble!Info

Welcome ya’ll to Beer Babble!

We, the “average Joe’s” are thrilled you’ve taken a moment out of your life to check out our Beer induced Babbling! We want to thank […]

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35 Cent BeerBeer

35 Cent Beer

I know, right? I couldn’t believe it either. But it’s true. We have found a very decent beer that only cost $.35. ONLY in Germany! […]

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Frozen BeerBeer

Frozen Beer

I just don’t know. Is it really necessary? Leave it to Californians to come up with a potentially useless way to serve an already awesome […]

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Americas Dream TeamBeer

Americas Dream Team

Are these USA’s favorite beers? I don’t know about that but they are several of the most widely distributed brews in a can. Excluding Budweiser, […]

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Oktoberfest Warm UpInfo

Oktoberfest Warm Up

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to crash the worlds largest Folks Fest–the mother of all beer bashes…the Oktoberfest in Munich Germany! We’ve […]

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Jack Duggan’s Wins Worst Pub EverInfo

Jack Duggan’s Wins Worst Pub Ever

It’s not often we feel the need to slam our fellow beer lovers, however this needs to be said – Jack Duggan’s pub and restaurant […]

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Thought I Was DrunkPhotos

Thought I Was Drunk

I had plans to publish the piece about the fattest women no, fattest country in the world and of course you would find some of […]

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Obama’s Job CreationPolitics

Obama’s Job Creation

The future of is unclear. However more importantly, the future of the United States of America is even more unclear. Have a look at […]

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Is Czech Beer BitchinInfo

Is Czech Beer Bitchin

Hello all of you beer lovers! It’s come to my attention that we haven’t posted a new article in some time. At this moment I’m […]

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Happy Hotti-daze From Us To You

Here are a bunch of our favorite followers doing their best to show some holiday spirit after having downed a variety of holiday spirits. Have […]

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Still wondering….Info

Still wondering….

I haven’t really been very dedicated to the blog lately.  It was pretty rough the weekend before last, all alone thinking about stuff.  But I […]

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